People often ask what has influenced the art of Carloman. Well, it can be narrowed down to one man: Peter Pringle. Carloman, however, is not even in the same class as Lord Pringle. We only hope to exist in his shadow and sustain ourselves by feasting on the crumbs that fall from the mouth of this giant.

Prepare to hear the story of BEOWULF as you have never heard it before. If a tear you do not shed, we suggest you immediately partake on a quest, one in which you may desperately hope to discover a SOUL.

So, this is pretty cool. Kind of sad it’s not in Old English though.

It definitely would have been much more epic in Old English!  I’m really digging the hurdy gurdy though.  This is really making me wish I could play an instrument I could accompany myself on while I sang!  I need to learn the harp or something so I can make songs out of Irish and Scottish poetry.  Sure it could be done without, but it sounds so much better with it.  I suppose I could at least provide myself with a drone on the cello…

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